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We will keep an eye on your company. was opened in Myszków in 2018. Initially, we made movies and flew drones, which became our great passion, so we still do it today. However, we live in very strange times when you have to chase and stay ahead of the competition to stay in business. Online presence is almost mandatory! Over the past years, we have gathered the right tools and a team of people who know how to use them. Due to the wide range of advertising services for companies that we can provide for you, we can confidently say that our company is a marketing agency. We cordially invite you. ...

Video Marketing

The Internet has become the most important medium today. Videos and advertising spots made by our company land on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks, as well as on industry websites. If you want to gain more audience, present your advertising film at various conferences or fairs, and public places that allow you to place marketing content. We'll arrange everything. Slap and that's it!

Mobile applications

Mobile applications will give you endless possibilities. This market is growing at an amazing pace. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the ever-increasing number of phones, tablets and new mobile devices. This form of communication with customers and other users of mobile devices will allow you to efficiently manage the company and increase sales. If you think that your company needs a mobile application, please contact us.

Web Desing

We will comprehensively service you and your company in terms of designing and creating a website. SEO and website optimization according to Google principles are a very important element when creating such projects. The content and appearance of the website are important to us, because, as you know, people buy with their eyes. We will make sure that your brand can stand out from the crowd. You order and you receive. It's easy.

Advertising campaigns

Effective advertising on the Internet will give you great opportunities. After publishing your website, advertising posts or email campaigns, you will generate traffic to your company. With us, you will define a strictly defined target group to which you will direct the content you want to convey to them. We are sure which users we reach. Advertising campaigns, email, Google Ads or advertising in social media - it gives you the opportunity to get off to a good start!


What is this branding? Branding is an effective marketing technique that will keep the positive image of a particular brand in the mind of consumers. If you also want to effectively sell your services or products, attract new customers or increase sales, your advertisement must be consistent and targeted at a specific group. With us, you can build a positive image of your company.


Copywriting is the basis for a positive image of your company. To see the sales results, you need appropriately written content. Reliable and well-prepared content must be prepared in terms of content and language. Contact us and together we will prepare content for you that will convey your vision in exactly the way you expect from us

Package prices are selected individually for each project


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