What we do?

We address our wedding offer to couples looking to see photos and movies from a different new perspective. Our company works with wedding photographers who do not like overly posed and artificial-looking photos. Our videographers film your wedding during their work without creating unnecessary confusion or unnecessary stress. We work with creative people who create unique decorations for wedding halls, churches and houses of the Bride and Groom. that will help you spend this special time in a magical atmosphere. From our perspective, the wedding reportage will be full of emotions in every frame, and the wedding session will be an opportunity for us to create subtle and warm, loving shots. The outdoor session can also be great fun, which will result in crazy, very unusual and most importantly positive photos. How we organize your session depends mainly on you and your characters. We are open to suggestions and each of our cameramen and wedding photographers in the team will help you organize everything at the highest level and will guide everything so that the final effect is more than just satisfactory. Our headquarters is located in Myszków, we take photos mainly in Silesia, but if the situation requires it, we will reach or even reach the farthest corner of the world. Below you can see films, music videos and photos made by our company. Welcome.!


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Myszków ul. Waryńskiego 86

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